Andi Munsie

Founder of FloLove: The Game



“Every girl has a cycle. Their Menstrual Cycle. And the Moon Cycle. Every girl has their powerful intuition guiding them. Which, is so amazing, We often ignore it.”

FloLove: The Game is about the life of a single girl. It's a story about you, as a single girl and your story that unfolds through relationships. In life, girls are searching for who they are and who their True Love is going to be. They are on a personal journey of understanding their inner world. The beautiful thing about it is, when they play FloLove: The Game, it creates an opportunity for them to get to know themselves. It reflects back what they're seeing in themselves. And when girls have those realizations, they become a changed girl. I want you to feel that you have a new filter to see yourself, to see relationships, to see the world and to step back and to see the choices you make in the safety of a game setting. And from this new perspective, apply it to your real life.




So, why did I create FloLove: The Game

Because I wanted it to be a game about understanding a woman's inner world and how those energies can affect her relationships with herself and with others. FloLove is a game about an emotional connection between oneself and with your True Love. And it is a simulation of relationships. Loving yourself, so you can be a true partner in the romantic relationships you attract. When I worked on FloLove, I really wanted to see a game where women have a very deep, meaningful and emotional connection within the game.


There are a lot of games out there for conquering the outer world. I would call these games more a masculine type of game.   And not so many for mastering your inner world, which is the type of game that typically a woman would be attracted to. An emotional connection is something deeply social and I felt this when I used to pull tarots with my Soul Sistas. I would love these get-togethers because we created a nurturing, safe space for each other to talk about our life and what's coming up for us openly and honestly. And we would be deeply connected for hours. Once I knew this was the type of space I wanted to create within FloLove, that's where I started to realize I really want to make something that creates that deep, connecting, meaningful experience. FloLove: The Game is so centred around the natural women's cycle and a world of dating to explore. My own inspiration is the journey of life and I like many women out there are trying to make sense of it.

My hope is that you play FLOLOVE And it evokes the same emotions and the same powerful realizations as any book or video could. I made this Game, because I wanted women to really connect with an experience, an experience that is all about...
  • The interaction.
  • The connection.
  • The sharing.
  • The action.
  • The realizations.
  • The memories.

How to play FloLove